CDS Adult Amateur Clinic 2016


 CDS Adult Amateur Clinic 2016

May 27-29

Melissa Creswick Clinician

  Tracy Underwood 707-975-2097

Starr Vaughn Equestrian Center

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The clinic format is one evening lecture and two riding days. Each Chapter will pay $150 and select one Rider by draw to represent the Chapter. The Rider will pay no clinic fees, but is responsible for travel, hotel and stabling expenses.  Individual riders may apply to be on the wait list. 

As a Gold Medalist, I understand the journey that we take and the daily struggles we face every ride. I want every rider to reach their goals for the month, the year and beyond. I believe that "excellence is achieved through understanding and persistence".  "It is not about today, but always about the goal."  I find great joy teaching amateurs and juniors to help them in that journey.
I was born a city kid, so horses were not in my life until my teens. I attended a riding academy and achieved a degree in horsemanship and instructor of classic riding to a silver medal. Three-day was the mainstay of the training. Dressage was my main love and after graduation I followed my personal dream to ride Grand Prix.
I owned a training barn for 25 years with 27 school horses as part of the programs. That experience has helped me understand riders and horses at all levels and abilities. I hope to bring my experience and love of our sport to the Amateur Clinic this year.
Central:  - Paso Robles             South: Riverside                   North: Elk Grove
Golden Hills Farm                     Stern Training Stable            Starr Vaughn Equestrian
Ellen Corob  805-440-2947      Carol Tice  714-514-5606     Tracy Underwood 707-975-2097
APRIL 1-3, 2016                      APRIL 8-10, 2016                 MAY 27-29, 2016

Dates: 05/27/2016 to 05/29/2016

Location: false CA

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