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Clinic Reviews

May 1, 2010
T railer Safety with Lyle Smith, Western Farm Center
Photos: Tricia Henry


The Trailer safety clinic with Lyle Smith Owner of Martin Ranch Supply Was held at GreenVista Stables in Santa Rosa. The Lecture presented was a very informative over view of what it takes to safely maintain a horse trailer and many helpful tips about hauling precautions. Lyle also gave us some good reminders about how important it is to be in the right frame of mind when hauling our precious cargo.

There was a large attendance, every participant seem to enjoy the audiance to educator dialogue that Lyle encouraged, this gave the lecture a class room feel with some colorful stories!



  Thank you Lyle Smith for your time and thanks to Tricia Henry for allowing us to use her facility.


Hoofhealth: A Sonoma C.D.S. sponsored clinic at Green Vista Stables in Santa Rosa

By Tressa Boulden, Education Coordinator Sonoma CDS



( Above: Kevin Graham, Tressa Boulden, Michael T. Sovaldi )

Kevin Graham and Michael T. Sovaldi presented a glimpse into the anatomy of the horses hoof from the inside out. The point of the lecture was to give it’s viewer an idea of how a horses hoof functions so that we understand that when we see the way they are trimmed or shod that it affects the function of the horses entire body. Trimming of the horses hoof should be assessed and done according to the horse’s anatomy because this addresses what the bones of the horse are doing and each hoof of a horse can be individually different. It’s the individual anatomy that a farrier should refer to by looking at the sole and arch of the horses hoof.

Kevin Graham (above ) did an excellent job with a power point lecture

while Michael Sovaldi ( above ) demonstrated with actual models of the horse’s bones and hoof, followed by a question answer session. This was an invaluable educational experience that our club should have again.

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